The Spirit of Giving - Membertou Grade 4 Entry
The Spirit of Giving

Our grade 4 class at Membertou Elementary, participated in The Spirit of Giving contest. The unit we were studying in Language Arts was about Small Businesses. One of the stories was about a group of kids who raised money through a recycling program. We decided that our class should try running a business.

Our class brainstormed and decided on a Cookie Sale. We had lots of decisions to make - the kinds of cookies to make, a name for our business, who was responsible for each task, an estimate of how much money we would make, and who would we donate our money to.

We named our business The Little Chefs and decided to make peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. As a class we would bake, package, advertise and sell the cookies, but we needed a place to make them. Lulu Joe contacted Edie Christmas for us and got permission to use the kitchen in the old health centre. On Wednesday, December 5, 2001, the whole class went to the Health Centre to make the cookies. We spent the morning measuring, pouring, mixing and cooking. After they were baked and cooled, we wrapped each cookie individually, then counted them. We had made 135 cookies.

To advertise our Cookie Sale, each student in the class made a poster and hung them in the school and the gas station. Parents also donated baked items that we sold to the community in the afternoon.

On Thursday, December 6 at recess, we sold our cookies. Every student in the school bought cookies. Our class handled the money and passed out the cookies. By the end of recess, we were sold out!

From our Cookie Sale and Bake Sale we raised a total of $92.00. We donated $60.00 to Membertou Needy Families for their Christmas collection. Edie Christmas thanked all of us and gave everyone a candycane.

We had fun making the cookies and operating our own business. We plan to try it again this year and hope to raise ever more money to give to a worthy cause.


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