Grade Nine, Waycobah Secondary School

Grade Nine Students Help Santa

   The grade nine class of the Waycobah First Nation Secondary School helped Santa bring a little bit of the Christmas Spirit early to their community. This story has a two-pronged storyline. First the community was in need of some volunteers to help the Santa Christmas Committee organize the event for this year. Secondly the grade nine class needed a way to come together as a class. It was a perfect marriage. The grade nine class helped the committee make lists, pick gifts, shop for gifts, then wrap the gifts for the overly busy Santa Claus, and play Santa’s elves at the Santa Claus party. This event drew the grade nine class closer together as a group.

   The class also had to keep up with their curriculum. This was done by doing related activities ranged from:

   Overall the IDU was very successful. Not only did it help the class, but it also helped the community bring Christmas to the children.

Below is a letter from Annie Bernard, President of the Children's Santa Claus Committee:

To whom it may concern,

   This letter is in regards to the grade nine class at the Waycobah First Nation Jr. and Sr. High School. Every year at Christmas, the Children's Christmas Committee gives a gift and a treat bag to all children who are ten years old and younger and who are residing on the reservation. There are approximately 227 children on our list. Members of the committee will shop for all gifts, treat bag items, placing them in the order from ages 0 months (newborns) to 10 years old, gift wrap all gifts with name tags for the right child. Throughout this year's process, the grade nine class was involved from the beginning, from drawing up a list of names to lending Santa a hand when he came to our community hall to hand out all gifts to each individual child.

   The grade nine class were phenomenal helpers. They wrapped the 227 gifts, made up the treat bags, making sure in the process that they did not forget one child. The wrapping took the grade nines two full days, they did it without any complaint and did a very good job! As president of the Children's Christmas Committee, I personally commend each person in the grade nine class, including their home room teacher for a job well done. They deserve a pat on the back for all the help they gave us. I'm positive that without their help, the whole process would not have gone so smoothly.

Thank you,

Annie Bernard, President of the Children's Santa Claus Committee