Grade 1 - Wejgwapniag School, Gesgapegiag - Spirit of Giving Contest Entry
The Spirit of Giving Contest

The holidays sure brought out the best in Grade 1. We have composed a song, "A Song By Us". We worked at this for a good period of time and dedicated the song you will hear to Miss Tobi, the Kindergarten teacher at our school and her 2001-2 class.

At the end of our song we address "everyone" about how much fun we have in Grade 1 at Wejgwapniag School here in Gesgapegiag. We presented this song at our Christmas concert and have mentioned in the school Christmas newsletter that we are entering Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk contest with this recording.

We hope you enjoy listening to our song and understand our way of "The Spirit of Giving".

Thank You,

Natalie Clark, Grade 1 Teacher
on behalf of her class:
Mary Beth Wysote, Vanessa Martin, Codey Martin, Corey Winnikinen, Austin Jerome, Brandon Legouffe, Deion Condo, Draven Bernard, Zackary Jerome, Aaron Jerome, Walter Bernard, and Tyrone Caplin

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