Max went to training for several years. He worked on the
boat and the front line. He was my grandad Max.
He worked very hard for WWII, he worked for WWII he
came back when he finished training, they called him
back to the WWII.

He came back to our house, he had an injured leg but it was
ok when he came back I didn't know who he was
because he never came back for a while, he went to lot of places
If he was here right now he would be happy he made this day for us.
He would say I'm glad the children are playing instead
of being bossed around today. I miss my grandad Max
I never really met my grandad Max I really miss him very much.
I wish he was here, so he would tell you about this day, and how he grew up.
So let this day about thinking about Max if you
see a poppy think about Max he saved our place and freedom.

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