My Indian Dress

Hi. My name is Christine Leigh Ward and my name in Micmac is Klistian and, that is what the elders call me. I'm 13 years old and I live in Eel Ground and my family is Micmac and sometimes my grandmother talks to me in Micmac. My best pow wow thought that I can think of is when my aunti gave me my Indian dress. She talked on the speaker and said would Klistian Leigh Ward come here. I have something for you. And that is when she gave me my Indian dress and I loved that so much I was proud of then I was honoured when I got that I was so proud I raced home and put it on and raced back down to the pow wow and danced my little heart out.

It was so much fun and I used to camp out on the pow wow grounds it was fun I miss the pow wow I never went to the pow wow this year I was at cadet camp in Greenwood, N.S. and then I went to bible camp so I missed it I miss dancing and every thing and next year I'm getting a new Indian dress for the pow wow my grandmother and some other elders are making me one. It is going to be cool. Well thank you for your time and I hope you liked my short story. Bye.

Christine Leigh Ward
Eel Ground, New Brunswick