Memories of the Pow-Wow

The word Pow-Wow brings back so many memories, especially for the ones that have passed. I met so many different people at the Pow- Wow. I also listened to the drummers and singers sing Miqmaw songs. I watched the dancers dressed in their regalia dance. My friends and I went around and looked at the native arts and crafts. Some were very nice. They also have food stands at the Pow-Wow where they sell native foods.

This year at the Pow-Wow they had a kereokee night and it was fun listening to people sing. At night we hung around with friends at the Pow-Wow site. We also walked through the trails where there are some wigwams built out of burch. A good thing about this year's Pow-Wow is that we had sunny and warm weather. The Pow-Wow is a great way to gather with friends and family and I hope next year's Pow-Wow is as fun as this years.

Danielle Benoit
St. Anne's School, Conne River, Nfld.