Come Learn About First Nation Culture

Books written by Theresa Meuse and Illustrated by Arthur Stevens

These two beautifully illustrated, full-colour books help children of all cultures understand and appreciate various aspects of Native culture.

Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk joins with all of the young "Powwow Memories" contest participants who will receive these books to say wela’lioq (thank you) to those who so graciously donated their books.

Come Learn About First Nation Culture

The Eagle Feather

The Eagle is symbolic to First Nation's spiritual beliefs. The Eagle has the ability to soar high in the sky and it is believed that it serves as a messenger between all people and the Creator. The Eagle also shows great courage, strength and vision and makes a great hunter and fisherman. To be presented with an Eagle Feather is one of the greatest honours one can receive and is given in recognition of an individual's courage, wisdom, or other special quality.
Come Learn About First Nation Culture

The Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher is symbolic to First Nation culture and can vary in size, design and color. It is believed that the Dream Catcher helps to prevent bad dreams and encourages good ones. There are several legends written about the dream catcher and the following is a commonly used story. One day an old woman and spider caught eye and she was fascinated with the spider spinning its web. For several days the woman returned to that spot and each day the web grew larger. The woman's grandson came to visit and she showed him the web. The grandson wanted to destroy the web and kill the spider, but the woman would not let him harm either. When the boy had left, the spider spoke to the woman; because you saved my life, I am going to grant you one wish. The woman replied that her only wish was to learn how to weave a web like the spider. So using a ring and thread, the spider taught the woman how to weave. The spider explained that the circle of the web meant continuous life and the hole in the center would help get rid of bad dreams. The bad dreams would get caught in the weave and parish at the first light of dawn.

Ordering Information:

These books are available at most book stores like Chapters and Coles (retail $7.95).

Orders of ten or more copies are eligible for a 40% discount. Call Theresa Meuse at (902) 883-1584 for more information.

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