Danielle Benoit

A Broken Heart

My heart started to melt,
Crying like crazy is what I felt.
When I seen that guy look into another girls eyes,
I knew everything he said was lies.

Those things he said, Those things he done,
They meant nothing to him, none.
"Say You'll Be Mine" was our song,
But I guess that did not last very long.

Now Im left with a broken heart,
It felt like someone struck me with a dart.
Head over hills in love was I,
Now its all gone because of one stupid lie.

What was love is no more,
Now my life is one big bore.
Moving on is what I should of done,
But still my life is no fun.

A part of me is still gone,
But I guess I'll have to move on.

Honourable Mention
Danielle Benoit
Grade 9
Conne River

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