Clifford 2 the Snow Dog

"Clifford 2 the Snow Dog"

For a Christmas present, Matthew's parents made him a coupon book, ie. good for one night bowling with mom & dad, good for one friend sleep over, and so on. They also put one in that said, "good for one snowman building with mom and dad".

Well, one night after returning from a walk, Matthew asked if they could stay out and build a snowman, reminding his parents that this request was one of those coupons. Well, as things had it, it turned out to be a snowdog instead. He named the dog, "Clifford 2".

When Matthew got to school after that weekend, he and several other kids built a snowdog at school. Some bigger kids wrecked their dog. So, according to Matthew, "we saved the part of the snow (the size of a snowball) where the heart would be found and I brought it home in my tote bag. I am going to put it in Clifford 2". Matthew took the snowball, rushed it outdoors to put it in the heart spot of Clifford 2!

A couple of days following that, Matthew noticed that Clifford 2 was melting. He went out to see how bad the snowdog was melting and finally came in with a snowball and wanted it put into the freezer. He said it was Clifford's heart and when the snow returned or maybe next year, he would make a new snowdog and put the snowball in the place where the heart would go. This would always make sure Clifford 2 still lives on. So, along with the family's food, there is a snowball wrapped in a baggie sitting in our freezer. What kids don't think of!