Miíkmaq Spirituality

In my point of view, I think that spirituality is something that has to do with your inner self toward things around you and people around you. I also think that it is that "special" something that has something to do with your inner self as a Miíkmaq. Spirituality is what makes you Mi'kmaq. It is a large part of who you are as a Mi'kmaq person. Spirituality is the way we see things and the way we feel toward things such as the way we dance, or the way we sing our songs, or the way we treat mother earth, or the way we treat our elders.

I believe that there are some Miíkmaq people that will see visions or dreams that will guide you as to what you should do for your culture and the people of your community. In my Dadís own experience, he believes that certain or special people get dreams of either deceased people or elders that have passed away a long time ago or a short time ago.

In my own experience, I believe that my dream has a left a little future quest in my hands. I had a dream/vision that I will never forget because it felt so real to me and so believable. In my dream, I am in a big room with 13 other people and we are talking about how we as Miíkmaq people are going to be able to reach people around the world and tourists. As this meeting was going on, I had no clue as to what we were doing until one of the people told me to go outside and get some paperwork or something. So, I decided to get a few things in my vehicle and and I came back with a few ideas for some odd reason and so I went to my vehicle and found a nice car and realized that it was my vehicle. So as I head back to the building, I find that the building that I am entering is a large building and it is all made out of rocks which have sparkles around the rocks and have pink and purple light colors on the rocks. These shapes are all square but at the same time the building is shaped as a round shape with windows and doors that are very large.

I feel that this is something that I need to pursue in the future. I hope to be able to build this place that will honor our Mi'kmaq culture, language, and spirituality. I hope that through such a place, people of other cultures will come to understand and appreciate how beautiful and strong our culture, language, and spirituality are as Mi'kmaq people. I hope that such a place will also encourage more youth in Eskasoni to respect and love their Mi'kmaq culture, language, and spirituality.

Honourable Mention
John Denny Sylliboy

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