Mi'kmaq Spirituality

Spirituality is a part of everyday life for someone that is Mi’kmaq. Spirituality is within my personality in all my well being and in my family from generations. Spirituality to me is part of my everyday living. It is within my friends, my family, and me. Spirituality brings out my personal well being like for instance my personality, my behavior, and what I think and do each day of my life.

Spirituality comes from many different components in my life for example: my grandmother's stories of long ago, she teaches me about my culture, traditions and values of the Mi’kmaq way.

Sharing is one of the important spiritual behaviors among Mi'kmaq people. We start when we are a small age, for example when I was growing up my sister Bob and I shared a room together until I turned fourteen. We shared each others clothes and toys, and all sorts of things that we had. Still to this day we share a couple of things.

One of the spiritual celebrations that occurs in our Mi'kmaq community is powwows. Powwows are held to welcome the summer's solstice. Powwows, powwow dancing, and drumming are a tradition to all Mi’maq people.

Nature and respect for nature is a large part of Mi'kmaq spirituality. To a Mi'kmaq person, everything in nature is known to be a living thing, because of the life/motion it has inside of it. Mi'kmaq people honor nature and mother earth and give respect for anything that we use or take from nature.

Another spiritual occurrence that Mi’kmaqs in Eskasoni have is the mission in Chapel Island, (The St. Anne Mission), we all go out there to represent and pray for St.Anne. St. Anne was adopted as our patron Saint around 1630 because she was a grandmother and an elder. Today, it is a large part of our spirituality to respect the teachings of all grandmothers. St. Anne was the grandmother of Jesus Christ and mother of Virgin Mary. This mission is part of our traditions and it is very spiritual to all Mi'kmaq people that have it.

When you are a Mi'kmaq there are also a lot of spiritual things to do throughout the year such as following the cultural things that occur in the community, church, Mi'kmaq traditions etc. I guess you could say that spirituality is a part of our consciousness and our whole way of life. It is what makes us who we are as Mi'kmaq people.

Erin Marshall

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