Jesse Ray Isaac

Spirit of an Eagle

The eagle is very spiritual in my culture, Mi'gmaq. There are so many uses of an eagle. For example the eagle feathers. When you receive an eagle feather, never let it touch the ground, if you do, you should always bless it before you pick it back. The reason for that is because before you receive an eagle feather it is always blessed. That means that you will be protected. If you receive an eagle feather, it is very important to respect it because it is like receiving a $100 bill. When an eagle drops his feather, he is passing down his medicine also his spirit.

When I smudge with an eagle feather, I feel like the eagles power and spirit is passing by me and when I put my hands to my heart, I feel that the spirit is coming into me and protecting me. At the same moment when I'm smudging with an eagle feather, I respect the eagle for the spirit that he has given me.

That is what I think about eagles.

Jesse Ray Isaac
Grade 7
Alaqsite'w Gitpu School

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