Kara Metallic

My Culture

Shawl dancing and smudging

Shawl dancing and smudging play a big part in our Mi'gmaq culture.

Shawl dancing is something we do at gatherings, Pow Wows, and special occasions. When you shawl dance, you shouldn't be taking drugs or under the influence. You also should not shawl dance on your time or as some aboriginal women call it, their "moon". The reason for this is because you may feel angry and stressed. When you shawl dance you are supposed to feel happy and stress-free. If you chose to shawl dance on your time it is very disrespectful.

We follow the same rules when we smudge. You should not smudge on your time "moon". The reason is because when you smudge it helps clean your body. When you are on your time it does the same thing. Also because smudging is very sacred. And you shouldn't disrespect it.

Our Mi'gmaq culture is very similar to the Ojibaway culture. The reason for this is because, we do most of the same spiritual things and our language is very similar.

I really respect my Mi'gmaq culture and wouldn't give it up for the world.

Honourable Mention
Kara Metallic
Grade 7
Alaqsite'w Gitpu School

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