Cheyenne Isaac

Jingle dress

Spirituality in my culture is something we take seriously. I am a young Mi'gmaq girl at the age of 12 and I dance. My traditional dance is the jingle dress. It's a spiritual dance that only young girls and women do. The meaning of this dance is to heal. When you're a dancer you need to be clean which means no drugs and alcohol. Also you shouldn't dance while on you time. Most people who have ill family members and attend Pow Wows will ask a jingle dress dancer to dance for them. Also most people give tobacco. They give tobacco to represent the ones they are praying for. When the dance is done you lay the tobacco down on to the ground. So that is why I think this is a very responsible role for my native spirituality.

Honourable Mention
Cheyenne Isaac
Grade 7
Alaqsite'w Gitpu School

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