Zabrina Whitman

What it Means to Me

What does it mean to be spiritual? For me, I believe being spiritual is when you have inner peace within your self.

I believe that spirituality is not something that a person can inherit, but something that you develop over time. People may think this is something you can inherit because so many natives I know are spiritual. A person can inherit looks from their family, but like spirituality they do not develop family qualities until a certain age, and these qualities like spirituality, can change.

Being spiritual also means that you are one with yourself and the earth. In the native community, spirituality is expressed through dance and music. Such spirituality is shown at Pow Wows.

I myself am not fluent in the native ways; my spirituality is spending time alone in nature, listening to mother earth and all her animal children. This is something I do when I'm stressed from school or from 4-H, and when I need to become calm and relaxed again.

Although this is how I am spiritual, spirituality is different amongst everyone. A persons' spirituality depends on their character and their outlook on the world.

Spirituality also has to do with the way things were done in the past. Being spiritual and understanding spirituality is part of our heritage.

If I were to tell a non-native what spirituality is: I'd say that it really isn't something I can explain but something I'd have to show. I would never be able to show all the different forms of spirituality before the end of my time because spirituality is how each native person interprets it, and the different interpretations would be never ending.

So in conclusion, I could never explain to a non-native the special character of spirituality. . . just how I see it.

Zabrina Whitman
Grade 8
Glooscap First Nation

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