Justine Googoo, Blaire Googoo


The Pow-wow has the wisdom for Natives, and has the Spirits for Elders. It is filled with drummers and dancers. There is enough food and water for everyone. There are always teepees filled with stories inside.

Next time you go, listen to the beautiful stories that the kind elder says. They are from the past and present. People could bring gifts for Elders and Guest. There is smudging and the sacred fire to pray.

There are pow-wows everywhere all over Native lands, and when you go to a pow-wow, you should see if there is a talking circle. You should go there and share your stories, and whatever is on your mind. Share, and Love.

Honourable Mention
Justine Googoo
Blaire Googoo
Grade 5
Waycobah School

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