Mark Simon

Pow Wows

We are spritual and we show our spirtuality when we have our Pow Wows.

We shall shawl dance day and night.

When the powwows start an eagle will fly around the powwow grounds. We have sweats it is like going to church. If people have cancer and pray in the sweat lodge where the scared fire is and sometimes the cancer is cured.

At the ceremonies we pray about why we are here and we pray around the scared fire and we throw in the tobacco out of respect and to ask for special favors like asking for someone to be healed. Also we pray for why we are here on earth.

We do drumming for the Great Creator and we thank Mother Earth for our sweet grass and everything it has given us like our food, medicine and life itself.

Honourable Mention
Mark Simon
Grade 5
Eel Ground School

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