Eli Larry

Spiritual Story

I think Natives seem spiritual because Natives have a deep respect for Mother Earth, for themselves, for their brothers and sisters, and for the Great Spirit.

They have many different ceremonies for almost everything. In ceremonies, they sometimes pray to the Great Spirit. They have sweet grass that they use in many different ceremonies.

They are in touch with themselves and everything around them.

They have things like pow wows, sweats, and sacred fires.

They honor the drum because of the animal they killed for it and use it in pow wows and ceremonies. In pow wows, they honor our ancestors with clothing and old drumming songs.

They respect and deeply honor the eagle in different ways

They have many traditional medicines and healers to heal. They always use and do many different spiritual things. And they pass these things down to their children so they can pass it on to their children.

Honourable Mention
Eli Larry
Grade 6
Eel Ground School

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