Darian Martinez

Spiritual Story

This is a story about how natives would describe their tradition and their spiritual beliefs to non-natives.

First of all, people say natives are very spiritual and it's true.

Miq Maq people are different from others in the way they live, the way they talk, and the way they pray. When Miq Maq people pray they pray with sweet grass and sage, they believe it takes away bad evil spirits, somewhat like Holy water. They also use the eagle feather, that's very traditional too.

Another thing that is very spiritual is the Miq Maq Pow Wow. This comes once a year at different nations around the Country.

Pow Wows are very fun. There is Miq Maq drumming and shawl dancing. There is also the sacred fire and sweat lodges. The sacred fire is pretty much the main thing that keeps the Pow Wow going on for four days. As soon as it goes out everyone packs up and leaves.

The sweat lodge shows you the right way to go in the future. In the lodge there are 4 to 6 rocks in the lodge and they are called the Grandfathers.

Of course I still have more to learn but what I know right now is to follow your spiritual life and the spirit will follow you.

Honourable Mention
Darian Martinez
Grade 6
Eel Ground School

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