Family Trees Contest Entries

Family Trees
Contest Entries

We are currently in the process of preparing the information from our May-September 2002 contest, "Family Trees", to be displayed on the site. We are please to present the winning entries!

We have a tie for first place. These entries were so well done, that we couldn't decide between them, so the judges awarded the top prize to both entries. The young people learned how everyone is connected. One entry covered nine generations! Congratulations to both schools! Each will receive a digital camera and pizza party.

Big Cove School, Big Cove (First Place Winner)
Winners from Big Cove

Teacher: Serena Francis
Students: Kaila Augustine, Ocean Augustine, Paterina Augustine, Suleon Augustine, Alicia Peter Paul, Trevor Levi, Cruze Nicholas, Heather Pettigrew, Chris Sanipass, Carolyn Simon, Hillary Tomah, Jody Sanipass

Alaqsitew Gitpu School, Listuguj (First Place Winner)
Winners from Listuguj

Teacher: Jocelyn Arsenault
Students: Kara Metallic, Jesse-Ray Isaac, Cheyenne Isaac, Bradley Barnaby, Natalia Caplin, Killa Atencio-Mitchell

The following entries were awarded "Honourable Mention" designations. Each participant will be awarded a pewter key chain or pin. Congratulations!

Wagmatcookewey School, Wagmatcook
Teacher: Corinne Phillips
Students: Janice Peck, Georgina Paul, Celine Pierro, Dennis Isadore, Dallas Isadore, Henrietta Peck, Alicia Googoo, Vernon Lewis

Wejgwapniag School, Gesgapegiag
Teacher: Natalie Clark
Students: Emily Jerome, Candice Martin, Aaron Condo

St. Anne's School, Miawpukek
Students: Baily Ball, Britney Wiseman, Brittany Mullins, Cameron McDonald, Corina Jeddore, Dawn Benoit, Debbie Bennett, Donna-Rae Stride, Jacob Benoit, Jenelle Willcott, Megan Stride, Perry Drew

Waycobah Elementary, Waycobah
Students: Mary Bernard, Holly Denny, Wade Googoo, Dorris Gould, Scott Martin, Tara Julian, Aurora Cremo, Heather Francis, Justine Gould, Daniella Bernard, Levi Poulette

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