Alicia Peterpaul

My name is Alicia Peterpaul. I am from Big Cove School, grade 4. I am 9 years old.

The Spirit of Giving to me is helping others in the class and at home. Also, I love giving toys away to other children. The biggest gift to me is love and respect for others. Giving is a special thing for me. Sharing is lots of fun, it makes everyone happy. The Spirit of Giving is showing people respect and helping others in need. Also, helping my mom with her house work is giving for me too. Also, friendship is the Spirit of Giving because if you love youself you can love others. Pride and honesty is the biggest part of giving, in and outside of my home.

The Spirit of Giving to me is sharing food, shelter and toys. Christmas is a time for sharing and giving and also to help anyone in need with clothes and shoes. The most important part of sharing for me is making people happy in their hearts and souls because lots of people out there do not have anyhing for Christmas. I like helping others in need. I am a native girl and I always love helping others all year round not only at Christmas time. Christmas is a very special time for all walks of life. Love is my number one gift for me to spread happiness and joy. I even give toys out to other children in large bags. Also, giving is nice to spread joy to help others, it gives me a sense of joy and pride.

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