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November 2002 Contest
The Mi'kmaw hieroglyph for Maqamikew represents the Earth as circular and spinning.
Photo Copyright ©, and courtesy of Iliano Cervesato

Maqamikew: Mother Earth
Contest Entries

Eskasoni Elementary School
Metepenagiag School
Eskasoni Middle School
Waycobah Elementary School (Winner)
Pictou Landing Elementary School (Runner-Up)

Eskasoni Elementary
Honourable Mention

Voter Comments:

  • Wonderful art, it is very hard to decide since they're all so good. Everyone at the office decided that the first place should go to Eskasoni Elementary. Their artwork gets the message across that Mother Earth needs to be respected.
  • Eskasoni Elementary is a winner in my opinion. Their captions, like "Just take what you need" are short and to the point. The graphics are clear and very meaningful. Concise. Thanks. They get my vote.
Environmental awareness posters

Marj Young

Daralynn Denny

Anthony Dennis

Catherine Morrison

Hope Marshall

Kyle Bernard
Tysha Sylliboy

Metepenagiag School
Honourable Mention

Voter Comments:

  • I liked the cards submitted from Metepenagiag School the best. I think that the use of cards to Mother Earth was clever and made for a very powerful images. The beautiful simplicity of the messages also stands out strongly.
  • So cute and heartfelt drawings and messages. Loved them!
  • They were bright and cheerful, just what someone who needs a 'get well wish' would appreciate, I think. It would be good for any occasion really.
"Get Well Soon" cards and posters

Shane Matchett

Tanner Cloud

Mimiges Denny

Chad Levi

Drake Cloud

Jessica Dunnett

Rebecca Dunnett

Desirae Rose Augustine

Sunrise Paul

Anabelle Caissie

Julian Augustine

Raven Tenass

Brittaney Barnaby

Emily Augustine

Pauline Norton-Paul

Trevor Augustine

Brooke Dunnett

Glogowej Denny

Colin Matchett

Danielle Moulton

Hailey Levi
Robin Matchett

Eskasoni Middle School
Honourable Mention

Voter Comments:

  • I believe that these kids have not only participated in the contest, but have gone way beyond that....they have come up with an action plan for the rest of the school year........a plan that involves each class and invites participation from all students.
  • They want to send the message that it is up to all of us in our own way to protect mother earth and the environment we all live in. The fact that they feel that it is important to start with the younger grades because some day they will be leaders within their school and community is the long term outlook. Their message is that "everyone has a responsibility to clean and protect mother earth and if we all work together in unity then great things can happen in respect to the protection of Mother Earth is very loud and clear.

Educational Awareness Program for the school
Educational Awareness Program

Waycobah First Nation Elementary School

Voter Comments:

  • I am casting my vote for Waycobah First Nation Elementary School. Providing a smoke free environment for our children especially at home and public place should be one of our top priorities. As mother earth takes care of us we should also take care of our young and try our best to provide them with the best.
  • I believe the Waycobah Elementary Students should be honoured greatly with their efforts to have public buildings in Waycobah smoke free!!!
  • The voice of the children was greatly heard by leaders, community members, teachers, band employees and the general public... Thank you for helping Mother Earth...
Lobbied Waycobah Band Chief & Council to make two public buildings non-smoking.
UPDATE: The Council has decided to make the community hall smoke-free


Waycobah Elementary's letter to Chief and Council

Waycobah Community Newsletter article


Pictou Landing Elementary School


Voter Comments:

  • I think the Pictou Landing Elementary School's entry was the best. The name of their garden "The Peace Garden" has great meaning and the teachings of the Medicine Wheel to students showed the importance of caring for Mother Earth.
  • I was totally thrilled and warmed by the Pictou Landing First Nation project. Being a believer in the medicine wheel teachings is what caught my eye. I believe the medicine wheel teachings is the tool to help us get in touch with our culture and past. The aspect of living in harmony with all and incorporating the teachings from the four directions is essential too.

    The oak tree in the middle represents the tree of life (life's journey) and the four colours represent the harmonizing of our races. To me this said so much and has so much to teach for years to come and perhaps can be extended to future generations if care is given to keep this spot strong.

    The kids and community sure have something to be proud of. Great job.

Planted a "Peace Garden"