Educational Awareness Program

Educational Awareness Program

By: Semisel Stevens & Johnathan Doucette

The 8-G class feels that educational awareness is a major key for the success in the are of environmental protection. Our environment is directly related to our Native life. Mother Earth needs our help and protection. The last 100 years have not been good for the environment and the people that live within it.

Our grade 8-G class has discussed the issue of environmental protection in P.D.R class. We are all aware of the need to contribute in our own way. Small individual contributions such as putting litter in our own garbage cans can and will have a positive effect on the students, staff, and school grounds. Litter that accumulates day after day causes a great amount of environmental pollution and makes our school look unkempt and messy. We as students need to be proud and respect our school.

We feel that simple ideas can have such a great effect on our school environment. Some of the ideas our class discussed were garbage cans painted and clearly marked outside our school, educational discussions with the lower grades concerning environmental pollution stressing cause and effect, middle school weekly assigned clean-up days and a student of the week prize for the student that sets an example for the school in general.

We feel that it is our responsibility to spread the message within the school. The message that our class wants to promote is that it is up to all of us in our own way to protect mother earth and especially the environment we all live in.

Our class has developed a school-wide plan to promote environmental awareness. The plan itself starts in grades primary to three. We feel that it is important to start with the younger grades because some day they will be leaders within our school and community in general. The plan involves outcomes. Each week for one hour our students and ones from P-3 will have stories that would discuss positive ways we can help to protect our environment. After each story is completed students will discuss the main theme and central message.

Another plan involves grades four to six. The grade four to six area will be given an opportunity to draw a poster showing the before and after results of a clean up within our halls, classroom, and school grounds. The students in our class will judge the posters and the result will be posted on the school wide web page. The winner will receive a free pop and bag of chips. The poster and the studentís picture will be posted in the main entrance to our school. The contest will operate each month. This will give students a chance to participate often and give others a chance to win.

The plan for grades seven to eight concerns a school wide plan. Every Friday each class will have a turn cleaning up the trash around the school. The collecting of trash provides two main objectives. First, it will teach the students that small amounts of trash and pollution can collect into great amounts of environmental pollution. The second will teach us that everyone has a responsibility to clean and protect mother earth. If we all work together in unity then great things can happen in respect to the protection of our school environment.

Education within our school can have great advantages. The younger children will learn at an early age to care and protect the environment and the older students can be a role model for the younger children. Let us all work together to protect mother earth, and invest in our childrenís future.

Written by Semisel Stevens
Johnathan Doucette

Mr. Gillis 8-G class
Eskasoni Middle School