The Spookiest Ghost

One Hallowe'en night Amy and Jennifer were going to see Malissa. When they got there Patty, Fara, Nick, and Peter were there. Amy said, "Where's Sara?" "I don't know", they said. So the friends went to her house. They asked, "Is Sara here?" "Yes, she is in her room studying", said her mom.

"Can she come out and play around here?" they asked. "Of course she can! It is Hallowe'en night!"

Sara's friends wanted Sara to come trick or treating with them. Sara came downstairs and she said, "Let's go trick or treating!" "OK!", said Jennifer.

When they all a had a full bag they said, "Let's go home." "Alright", Amy said.

When they were going home they took a short cut through the woods and Malissa saw yellow eyes behind them. It was the headless horseman!! Patty screamed and said, "Run!" But in front of them were monsters with horns as sharp as knives and right behind them was The Gargoyle! They all screamed. Nick and Peter got away. "Why won't they help us?", Patty said. "I don't know but we better find a way out of here fast or we're done for!" replied Sara. Sara saw a rock under her feet and threw it. The monsters ran to the rock and the girls ran home so the monsters would not find them. When they were all home they told their parents but they did not believe them.

Then one night Jennifer's friends were asleep. The Gargoyle held up his knife but her parents heard something in her foom so they went to her room and the gargoyle dissapeared. Malissa said, "What!?" "We heard something in your room and we came up here to see if you were awake, but you were sleeping", said her parents "It must be the monsters!" "Oh, no!" her mother said. "Let's go over to Jennifer's house!" So the family went over. They knocked at the door. Jennifer came to the door. "We just wanted to stay over for the night", said Malissa's parents. "That will be great!", Jennifer said. So they stayed for the night. "We were just making a plan of how to catch the monsters", said Malissa's parents. "We can help too." "Alright!"

So they set up a trap and in the morning they caught the monsters. They took the knives and stabbed the trap and the monsters were gone!

Trish Cameron
Pictou Landing
Grade 3

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