Devil Ghost

When I was walking in the dark spooky woods I saw a black spooky house. There was a scary jack-o-lantern on the step and he could change his face.

I went on the step and I opened the door and went up the stairs. When I looked down somebody shut the door. I saw a scary room with a lot of spider webs and there were bats flying. I heard something banging on the door so I opened it. Nothing was there and I heard something say, "Come here, come here!" I ran into another room and heard footsteps coming towards me and I screamed and ran as fast as I could. When I looked back he was gone.

I saw a black scary cat with no head so I ran and I bumped into the devil ghost. He caught me and tied me up and put duct tape on my mouth. I was really scared and I was trying to get out. Once he left I saw somebody and they let me out and I said, "What's your name?". She answered, "My name is Sara. Come on let's go before he comes and catches us!" So we tried to find our way out of the house, but we couldn't. We saw the devil ghost and we hid. He went right past us and in the back of the room was person hanging and we screamed and ran, but the devil ghost saw us. He chased us all the way to another room where there were knives. There was a window and we sneaked to the window and jumped out.

We ran home and every night we go to sleep, but always have scary dreams.

Lindsey Denny
Pictou Landing
Grade 3

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