The Ghost of Maligomish

Last week my dad, my brother and I went to our cabin on Maligomish Island. We went to check our fishing nets and to stay at our camp.

We went to the Glebe House and to the church. When we went into the Glebe House we were sure we heard footsteps and we also heard banging on the windows of the church. Weh thought that there must be a spirit and that the Glebe and the church were haunted. We were scared so we went back to our camp.

When we got back to our camp all of our things were all over the place and our knife was missing. Maybe the ghost was here too. We decided to go back to the Glebe House to look for the ghost.

When we went into the house we saw a raccoon eating Kraft Dinner that we had left in a pot at our camp. The ghost of Maligomish had been found.

Colin Paul
Pictou Landing
Grade 3

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