Our Class Halloween Story

Once upon a dark time there lived an old woman named Shelby. She lived in a haunted house. It was a very small house that was painted blue. Her husband Murphy lived with her. He had brown hair and pimples all over his face. He only had one eye. All the kids were scared of Murphy. He would scare the kids on Halloween Night. When he saw the kids all dressed up he would smile with his brown, sharp, crooked teeth. The kids would then scream and faint from the scare. Murphy would then steal all their Halloween Candy!!! What an evil man!!!!

Many children were left without candy on Halloween. They called the Police but they were to scared of his teeth. They Called in the Army but they fainted when they saw his teeth. They even called in the Wrestlers but they passed out when Murphy smiled.

Finally one small boy named George had an idea. He made a phone call and got the one person who would not be afraid. They made a plan to grab him that Halloween night. All the Police, Army and Wrestlers came to grab him with the special weapon. When Murphy saw them he smiled and one by one they all fainted until their was only Murphy and one other person he turned his smile on her but she did not faint. She grabbed a light and asked him to open up. You see she was Dr. Jane the town Dentist. She cleaned and fixed Murphy's teeth. And he now works on TV reading the news and makes it up to the kids of the town for stealing their candy by throwing a big Halloween party every year.

Grade 1 & 2 Class
Pictou Landing

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