Puglat'mu'j !!! (The Dwarfs)

Many, many years ago, John Barnaby lived in a farm. He was an old guy, maybe about 63 years of age. He loved to fish, he loved to hunt, but there ways always this one problem, he was scared of the puglat'mu'j (the dwarfs). He had heard of the dwarfs from a friend of his. He was scared to go hunt because he thought the little guys would kill the horses in his barn.

One day, John called up his pal Donny, asking him if he wanted to go hunting. Sure enough Donny said yes. So the two old men picked up their rifles and went on into the forest. As the truck was at the beginning of the forest, they hit a bump, but when they went up, they heard screams. It was like a little kid scream, so Donny thought they had hit a child. He looked out the back window and didn't see anything. Didn't think of the puglat'muj. So they went on to the hunt.

They spotted some deer tracks. They stepped out of the truck and started to follow the fresh deer tracks. As they went, they felt little warm winds on their backs, but the bushes weren't moving at all. But the two old men went on. As the followed they tracks, it led them to a little tiny house. It was full of horsehair and guts. John realized that it must have been a dwarf's house.

John panicked and hopped in the truck and went down to check on his horses. As he arrived home, he went into the barn, and there was blood scattered all on the walls. He looked down and saw a dead horse with a tiny hatchet at the neck. He screamed in pain because of the horse's death. He yelled out "Those *!* **** dwarfs, they're going to pay!"

So that night, old man John prepared traps for those mean little dwarfs. The dwarfs returned that night and they knew that the old man was prepared for them, so they returned back to the mountain and made some plans.

The next night came and the dwarfs had a bunch of weapons, knife and axes. They killed all the rest of the animals, chickens, goats, pigs, cows, sheep, and in blood, on the floor, they wrote, YOU ARE NEXT OLD MAN.

John didn't know why the little dwarfs wanted to hurt the man. He thought and thought why. He backtracked the days before and remembered the bump that Donny and himself hit on the way up the mountain. It was the youngest dwarf they hit. Now John felt bad for killing a dwarf, and he knows that he is going to have to sacrifice his life for the little one.

Two weeks passed, but nothing happened to John. Now he goes to bed without worries and no thoughts of the dwarfs.

So the next night, he goes to bed, he has been asleep for about two hours and then he feels his bed starting to shake. He wakes up, then all of a sudden, his neck is off and his life is over.

Don't mess around with the dwarfs, this just might happen to you!

The End

Jesse Isaac
Grade 8

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