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Once not long ago about a few years back, a house was built. It was located in Listuguj, Quebec. The house stood there. When different families would move in, there would always be something that would go wrong. Usually the families would not stay very long. Finally a family of six moved in to the house. This family actually stayed for a long time. The mother bought the house. My mother knew the twins that lived in the house; their names were Louise and Michael. The year my mother Vera Isaac was in their class, she always saw them together, they were practically inseparable. She also said that they were very scared of something.

All the years they lived there they had been happy. Then something started to go wrong. Like when the kids would go to school and they were always scared. Scared like as if they have seen a ghost or something unnatural. That's what my mother told me. But nobody really knows why or what was the cause of all of this.

Not long after, the mother of the family was getting depressed. So it caused her to drink and become an alcoholic. The children were exposed to drugs and adult activity during this time. Long ago elderly people said that bad things happen when bad things are exposed.

Months had passed by and the season changed have changed and it's now winter. The mother and her friends were playing poker, someone knocked on the door, they answered the door. They were shocked because it was 11:30 at night. So they opened the door and there was a tall man dressed in black, wearing a top hat and a long black jacket and a white limo was parked outside. He asked, "Do you ladies know the directions to the Van Horne Bridge?" One of the women said yes, and told him the way to the bridge. The man thanked the women and walked away. When he turned around a tall man popped out of his long jacket. The women were terribly frightened. Minutes after the man left the women looked outside and found no sign of tracks anywhere in the snow.

Ever since that night, the house has changed in a bad way. Things happen in the middle of the night. People say it was the "devil" and he was giving them a sign or a warning. Other people say it was just a myth. But I believe it was a true story and that the more bad things you do, the more bad things happen to you.

Cheyenne Isaac
Grade 8

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