The Evil Twin

It was a cold dark October in 1875 Mr. and Mrs. Smith just got married. They had a big party for their congratulation of their marriage. Everyone was there like Johns parents, relatives and Sarah's parents, also Sarah's relatives. All but one, John's twin brother.

He tried so many ways to get Sarah but it was too late. John had already married Sarah and Roger, John's twin bother didn't go to the wedding. Roger was jealous. So all that night Roger was thinking how he could break up the couple. And at the last moment Roger thought of a perfectly good idea to make John suffer.

The first thing Roger did was take out the gas in the car, so that when they were going to their honeymoon in Listuguj, they have to stop somewhere in Listuguj to find a gas station.

The next day John and Sarah were all ready and they took off to Listuguj. Roger was in the back of the car trying not to be seen.

Before you know it they made it to their honeymoon. It was very dark and hard to see. When they were driving, they ran out of gas. Roger quickly parked in the wooded area and John said to Sarah "wait here" while he went to go look for a gas station.

Sarah was all alone in the deserted Gaspe highway, when Sarah was waiting she heard a big crash on the door, she just thought it was something outside, but what she thought was wrong, it was a hook or something.

So then Sarah was scared now because she heard another sound but this time it was different sound, the second sound was like something dripping, just later a police officer knocked at the window and asked if she can step out of the car. So she did and the officer told her not to look behind her, but of course she looked behind her and seen her husband just hanging and said to herself "that's what the dripping noise was!"

So she ran to John just looking at him and she broke out in tears. "You did this" she said. Roger sliced John's stomach open and hanged him. As soon as roger heard the news he went there, "come Sarah" so she went with Roger. To that day on October 21 around 1:00 am you can see John looking for Sarah, Sarah stayed with Roger.
The end

Brad Barnaby
Grade 8

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