Town Blast

Around 1800's a man dressed in a baby blue suit and had a very big hat that had black and white checkers on it. He was an indian and he lived in Restigouche but Restigouche only had a couple houses but, Campbellton had enough houses and the indian was very tired from working too hard, he liked to work to help people. He always worked at Restigouche so he knocked on every door of Restigouche asking for food and water because he was a starvation man that never ate for almost 5 months. So he knocked and everybody said "get out" and he was kinda mad and he was thinking "wait I can't do anything to my people their like my family. He said that because he had these powers and people said that he was like a second god. So he swam across the river of Restigouche and followed the fishes to Campbellton and it took him forever to get there he almost drowned but he made it.

So he walked and it was very tiring for him because of his wet clothes and after he knocked again on everybody's door asking for food and water but this time it was in Campbellton and no one got the door but they responded "get out we don't want no indian here! This is the reserve of Campbellton we people only stay here! But one house was kind enough to let him in, it was a very old lady named "little feather" she was the nicest person there at Campbellton. So the indian said "food water I need food and water" in a very desperate way. She gave it to him and said "after you're done eating I got a very nice comfortable bed you go lay on it and sleep after your done your food.

The next day he ate and ate and ate but the old lady wasn't there she was at work. So he waited for her but he thought "I will clean this old lady's house because she is a very generous person and I respect that!" After the old lady went to the market to buy clothes for the indian and a couple hours later she went home and she saw the indian looking out at the sky saying " I wish i had a beautiful life like this!

The next day the old lady was gone again to pick more food for him and the old man was sleeping he woke up and saw the whole town and he looked around but he said "ehhhhyyy!!! theres nothing interesting in this reserve the only interesting place is HERE! at little feathers house.

After the old lady came and he made sure that everything was here and she was safely in the house and all of a sudden the whole town just caught on fire all little feather heard was screaming for help and everything but the only thing is that everything blew up except little feathers house thats because the old man was respected in his own way that he blew up Campbellton except one little house and that was little feather house.

The end

Natasha Root
Grade 7

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