The Legend of the Horse's Head

It all starts on one snowy day during the winter. Some people were getting some firewood from across the lake. One time on the way back the horses were dragging too heavy of a load, and in the middle of the lake, the ice cracked opening a big hole, the load went in, and took the horses that were attached to the load in with it. And that's the last that they saw of the horses.

Thirty years later, in the summer time some people were swimming at the same lake. They were swimming around having a great time, and all of a sudden they saw a horse's head. Except it was a ghost and it did not look like a normal horse's head, it was all demon like. It had sharp teeth and red eyes. It scared them so bad that they were screaming their heads off, and wanted to go straight home, so they never swimmed in that lake again. Now they are full grown adults and the only time that your going to see these people there is when there is a party going on or there is a celebration. They still won't swim because they are too afraid, but they let their children swim because of that day of the horse.

Jesse Pictou
Grade 7

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