The Legend of the Buried Treasure

The legend begins with the French fighting the English for control over this part of the territory right behind my house hundreds of years ago. The French had sunk their own ships because they were too proud to be leaders of this land and the English had bigger ships and more canons while the French had small ships and not many Canons. But the French had one big ship but it had food and English prisoners. When they sunk ships the English prisoners had escaped.

A French man with gold had made it to the shore. The Man did not want the English finding the treasure. He started looking for a good place to bury his treasure. He went through miles of beach and fighting English prisoners who had not made it to their ships. He found a place to bury his treasure, a place where people say it is by an old mill that was shut down at least fifty years ago. The man buried it and put an English man's head on a stick so people will think twice about digging at that spot. People that fished on the river or walked on the beach at night have seen a man with no head walking around looking for his head.

And other people say that horses also protect it. Legend has it that when you see the treasure you have to keep your eyes on it, when you look away the treasure disappears. Those who have claimed to see the treasure have come so close to touching it only to be distracted by the sound of horses galloping. And of course they looked away and the treasure was gone.

Zachary Pictou
Grade 7

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