The Devil's Last Dance

The year was 1910. It was a gray winter night and a few young people from Listuguj were bored. There was absolutely nothing to do on that winter night. The couples decided to somehow make their way to Routierville, a more pumped up city near Routierville.

They bummed rides from people passing by on the streets, but no one seemed to pay attention to the stressful lives of 4 social teenagers. They walked and walked through the harsh winter breeze and heavy snowfall. Ice pellets began to blow in their faces. One of the girls who, was followed by two of the gentlemen began to whine to the single leader of the pack who was leading them to Routierville. "I better have fun.." she said in a commanding tone. The leader then told her that where they were going was one of the funnest places in Quebec. The lady who was whining had a beautiful rose complexion. Her cheeks were beginning to turn a bright red due to the snow that landed on that certain area of her face and would paralyze them by reason that the snow was ice cold. The other girls in that group would start to call her Rose due to the color of her cheeks. A lady in a van stopped and offered them a lift, they took the offer.

Finally the teenagers arrived at their destination, Routierville. They spotted the dance club where the sign said that there would be a fantastic instrumental group performing there that night. The group turned to each other and then turned their heads back at the lit sign and then they walked in. They didn't even speak before they went in. They were really good friends, which is why they could have read each other's thoughts.

When they walked into the dance hall, there were people dancing everywhere. The room was jam-packed!! And the music was great.

They slowly made their way into the crowd and started to move with the groove. The room was so crowded that it looked like the teenagers that walked from Listuguj were not dancing individually, but flowing all together as one with the other dancers.

Rose sat down to get away from all the excitement. At the same time a dark horse drawn carriage hauled by beautiful black stallions pulled up outside the dance club and out came a dark suited man. His hat was draped over his head in a fashion where you coulnd't see his piercing red eyes. He was fairly tall a little over six feet.

The mysterious man wore a black trench coat and black trousers. He slowly made his way through the door and everyone paused from dancing and looked at him. Witnesses say that as soon as the man walked through those doors they felt a chill run up their spines. Although it was a cold night, they found something strange about the gentleman.

But after a while of stares and comments the handsome looking man took a seat. Minutes passed all he did was stare at Rose. She didn't even notice him. As soon as a harmonious waltz played, he stood up and walked gracefully towards Rose and pulled her away from the escort she had come with. He swept her off her feet by taking her hand and gradually started to slow dance. They danced away for a short period of time, when suddenly... A blood-curling scream echoed throughout the dim lit room. The public, terrified, looked around. Their eyes finally rested upon the shrieking Rose. No one saw anything unusual, but that was because they did not see the man draped in black suddenly disappear.

Rose was frightened! She didn't know what to believe. Was it pure fiction? It couldn't be. Everyone had seen the man walk in, but there was one reason why it really had to be true. Rose had burnt markings on her back where the man had touched her.

A few people ran outside and looked for the man who had frightened everyone. There was no sign of him! His carriage was gone as well as with the stallions. They looked around for footprints in the snow. But there were no fresh human tracks...There were only hoof tracks. The same as a goat or in this case, most likely of a Devil.

Killa Mitchell
Grade 8

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