The Haunted House on Moffat's Landing

There was this one day in the winter, and I was about 7 years old I use to walk around Moffat's Landing. And there was a house and it was Anne Moffat's house, there wan an old lady in there but she really was dead.

And I would often walk by that house with my friends and my little brother. There was me, Desarae, Donovan, Wynter, Kelsey and my brother Fisher.

When the first time we walked by there it was about in November when it started to snow. And there was these big snow banks in front of the house. And when we were in the middle of her driveway she would be at her window looking at us. But when Fisher saw her, he started to cry in the middle of the driveway.

I ran at him and dragged him in front of one of the snow banks. And once we saw her again we all sat there and cried. We couldn't believe that we were actually seeing a dead person moving, it was the scariest day of our lives.

I can still remember the first time I ever saw her she had short brown curly hair. But every time I saw her, her hair was a different color or she had it differently. She was one weird old ghost.

I say it was about two years we always walked by there, when Anne wasn't home. When we would walk by there it would be like six o'clock and we would cry every time we saw her.

This Halloween I would like to go back and see her at six o'clock, and go with the same people I went with the first time. I would like to know now if she is still in that house.

Well when I think about it when I use to cry I find it kind of funny.

The End!

Rosa Isaac
Grade 7

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