The Headless Man

One foggy night on the water there was a ship, but no ordinary ship. It was a pirate ship. There was a lot of people on it. There was this one guy who was in a fight with one of the people who were on the ship. They got in a really big fight that the man chopped off the head of the other guy who he was fighting with. When he was finished he didn't tell anyone what he did. After he was done he shot the guy into the water and he sunk and nobody could find him still.

The guy who was shot into the water his spirit is still here but he isn't he's dead. So every foggy night in Brodlands there is a old highway that he walks and tries to find his head but he doesn't know that it is under his arm just sitting there.

Nobody could see him or find him in the water but this also happened along time ago.

So if you ever see a pirate ship beware and don't get into a fight with one of the pirates or they will do what they did to that man who he was fighting with.

Avery Barnaby
Grade 7

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