This is a ghosty story of a beautiful 15 year old girl, that my late Granddad Simon Googoo told to my mom Nancy. Hope You enjoy it.

In a small town, Oh I say about the size of our community, Waycobah, was a beautiful young girl with long beautiful hair. She was the only child in her family, she always played alone. The other young girls always teased her, bullied her and pulled her hair all the time. But this beautiful girl, it seemed nothing bothered her at all, she didn't mind playing alone or being teased.

Then one day this beautiful girl got real sick, so sick she passed on, the community was shocked this beautiful girl had passed on. The girls that taunted her, teaseded her and pulled her hair, didn't really care. So an elder met up with these three (3) girls and told them what had happened to the beautiful 15 year old girl with the long beautiful hair. The girls didn't even give an expression, nothing at all, no feeling of the loss of the beautiful girl. The elder told these three heartless girls to go see this girl and ask for forgiveness of the way they treated this young girl, so the girls went but didn't ask for forgiveness instead they just whispered to each other how much they hated her and left the place.

The next morning before the burial of the beautiful 15 year old with the long beautiful hair, one of the men found three (3) girls, the same three (3) girls that always teased the beautiful 15 year old, the three girls were laying on the field half of their hairs pulled off dead!! He didn't know what to make of it! So he got some men and they took the three (3) girls away and he told the men, we have to bury the 15 year old first, before we can do anything else with the other three (3) girls.

So they went back to get ready for the burial of the beautiful 15 year old and what they say was unimaginable, they were shocked in disbelief of what they saw. At that moment they all started praying and couldn't believe their eyes. What they say was that this 15 year old beautiful girl had a smile on her face and in BOTH of her hands was all three different colors of hair black, red and brown. This is the story of the 15 year old beautiful girl with beautiful hair, buried with a smile on her face.

John Martin
Grade 7

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