One Halloween night I was trick or treating. I saw a haunted house so I went in, the door shut behind me with a big Bang. I heard chants and I heard a ghost. I walked and walked. I saw these creepy stairs. I started to walk up them. When I got to the top there was a ghost. He went BOO. I started to run and he started to chase after me.

Then I saw Frankenstein and a vampire bat. Then the bat went puff and turned into a vampire. They began to chase after me. The ghost began to chase me. I was very scared. I ran for the door but, there was a witch in front of it. I could not get out .Then I ran and ran. The four of them chased me up the stairs again. I went into one of the rooms. I saw a goblin. The goblin was very scary. He began to chase me. I ran for the stairs but, the ghost, vampire, Frankenstein, and the bat was on one side and the goblin was on the other. I looked and the door was free so I ran to it. I opened the door and went out. I ran and ran all the way home. When I got home I took my treats and packed them away and went to bed for the night.

The End

Britney Mullins
St. Anne's
Grade 7

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