One evening a young girl went to see an old lady who had died in her community. It was almost dark when she got to the church. She went to the back door, the front door was barred up with chains, they rattled when the wind blew, She turned the knob and the old door creaked. She slowly went into the church .The church was quiet , she could hear own heart beating as she got closer and closer to the coffin. She was afraid to look in.

It was so cold you could see her own breath. Then she went up to the coffin. It was gray with white silk. She was just about to touch the corpse on the hand when someone put their hand on her shoulder. She screamed and ran for the door , she wouldn't look back. She grabbed for the door knob and the knob fell to the floor. She screamed and screamed "someone help me, let me out." She could hear the foot steps getting closer and closer so she found a closet to hide in. It was pitch black inside . The footsteps stopped outside the closet and she could hear them breathing from inside the closet. Someone grabbed the door and pulled it open and she let out a scream. She was too afraid to open her eyes. When she finally opened her eyes she saw it was only her best friend.

Dawn Benoit
St. Anne's
Grade 7

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