One Halloween I was out trick or- treating with my friends and we heard something in a tree. Then a black cat jumped out in front of us, right out of nowhere. On our way home one of my friends got lost. Then we heard a big scream so we ran away from there and said that we would go back in the morning .We had to go past an old farm that an old man had lived in before his daughter's boyfriend killed him. The boyfriend dragged him to the back yard and dug a hole to put him in, and no one knew about it. So we went through the school yard but we saw a man that was dressed in black and he had a big dog. So we ran to my friend's house and there was no one at home so we went to my house to stay the night.

The next day we went back to see if we could find our friend that fell in the trees and got lost. When we went back all we found was her bones . We called the scientist to see if we could find out what happened to her. He said that a tiger might have eaten her and told us not to go there again but we did and we saw her ghost and some of her friends that had died. We ran away and never went back again. Now every Halloween you can hear her scream in the trees.

Donna-Rae Stride
St. Anne's
Grade 7

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