A story that my great grandmother told me happened a long time ago. She was about 12 years old and went trick or treating with her friends. They all had masks on so they couldn't see very well .They were all walking around when a black cat crossed the road and they are all very superstitious, so they had to walk around the black cat's path. The only way they could go around it was to go through the woods or to go back and not go to those six houses. They were trying to go to every house in Conne River. They started to go into the woods and as they went farther in they started to hear something so curious as they were they had to go see what it was so they started walking into the woods farther and farther. When they finally decided to give up and go back they were lost in the woods, just the four of them with no food, just candy and no shelter. They were scared and they started to look for somewhere to stay or find their way out of the woods. They came across an old abandoned cabin. They went in and looked around. It was as if there was someone else was there with them. The fire was in and a chair was there with an opened book and a cup of tea on the table beside it. It kinda freaked them out a little bit but it was warm and no one was there anymore so they stayed the night.

That night they herd a person walking around and laughing. They were to scared to go see what it was so they made themselves go to sleep. When they woke up the next morning they thought they were at home in their own beds so they got up and went out to the living room, but it looked nothing like it did that night, it was empty and full of cob webs and dust. The chair was all ripped up and old. They ate some candy and started to look for their way out of the woods. When they left the cabin, they found their way home in like no more than five minutes. It was scary but they were home so they were happy. When they walked into their house their parents were talking about an old man who had killed himself out in his old cabin that night . The police went to the cabin when they were there but they didn't see or hear him. It turns out the man had made himself a cup of tea and was reading about a man who was happier dead so he ran out and drowned himself.

Jenelle Willcott
St. Anne's
Grade 7

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