The Tale of the One Eyed Indian

A long time ago when only the native people were around there was an old tale of the one eyed Indian and if you were joyful and happy around him he would capture you. No one really believed it but most of the young children fear it on Halloween night.

The day before Halloween all of the young singers and dancers decided to tell scary stories around a fire on Halloween night (because there was no such thing as trick-or-treating back then.)

It was Halloween night and all the girls gathered around a fire and told scary stories. They were about to leave and go home when a girl named Rachael said something about the one eyed Indian and no one really believed it but chills still went up all of their spines . All the girls decided to go all through out the woods and be as joyful has they can hoping that the one eyed Indian would come out. So they all went into the woods and tried to be as joyful as they can but they were too scared to be very joyful and happy. They were there for over an hour trying to be joyful and happy, they were just leaving to go to the wigwams when they heard something in the bushes and then they were freaked. They went over to the bushes to see who was there when suddenly it popped out and yelled Boo! All the girls took off running when they heard Joey one of the drummers laughing. Joey had known that they were going into the woods and had planned to scare them.

Even if the it is not true no one would ever forget the tale of the one eyed Indian and when they went out to see if it was real.

Megan Stride
St. Anne's
Grade 7

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