My Ghost Stories

My mom and her sisters were walking to the store one day when they thought they saw a man lying in a path to a grassy meadow. They were a little scared so they ran on by, but they were just too curious to leave it alone. When they returned to check on this man, he was no longer there. When they got home, they were told that the man who lived next to this meadow had just died.

Many years ago my pop and his step brother were in the country trapping. It was evening, about 7 o'clock. They were sitting outside their camp having their supper when suddenly there was a big gust of wind and a whistling sound above them. They looked at each other and said, almost at the same time, that their uncle had just died and passed over them. When they returned home the next day, they were told their uncle had died about 7 o'clock the previous evening.

Perry Drew
St. Anne's
Grade 7

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