The Strength of Our Native People

A long time ago in the year "1910", the native and the white people didn't get along very good. The natives didn't like to be teased or harassed by them. Neither did the white people.

One day the natives travelled across the river to Campbelton for their goods and foods. One of the kids, who went across with his father got beat by some of the little non-native kids. His father said nothing about it, until one day his wife got beat up. Just for bringing her son to trick and treat.

His father got so mad, because in his culture you're never supposed to touch women in a bad way. Like hitting them, so his friends and him went to Campbelton a day after all this to beat up the people who did it this to his wife.

When they where fighting the non-natives, the father cursed the non-natives with a really bad curse. He said one day you would see, what you get for hitting women. He said that because in his culture when one of the men beats up women he is cursed for life.

Days later everything in Campbelton burnt down. The non-natives had nowhere to go. So they went across the river and apologized and said they learned their lesson. The non-natives stayed with the natives for about three weeks.

Ever since that incident all the native and non-natives get along very well. But not all of them get along. But that's their problem for not getting to know such wonderful people. And that's why all of the natives are strong in their culture. And respect there spirits. All this wouldn't have happen if everyone in the world could just get along.

Kara Metallic
Grade 8

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