The Haunted House

It all started 20 years ago. On the 24 of October, a women was in her house when she started to hear noises, noises like children's screaming or something. She thought it was the kids next door fooling her. So she went to sleep. Later that night she felt someone playing with her hair. The woman got up in fright, she turned to the mirror and looked in it, and saw her hair had been braided. She screamed so loud that she even frightened the strange noises that were haunting her the past night. She then emerged and looked all over the house, but she did not succeed in finding someone or something. A couple hours later, she fell back asleep with toughts of fright reminding herself about the strange noises.

Between the hour when she last woke up and when she had just woke up she discovered that she was covered in make-up. With a jump she ran to out the next door neighbor's house which was her best friend's house. The woman spent the night there. The next day she decided that she was going to sell the house. When she had got to the house it was gone nothing left. The old woman wondered in fright what had happen to it, where was it now? She had searched for the answer. Until one fine day a young man was at her door of her new apartement with the answer to it all, he told her that 4 little girls had been burnt to death there 20 years ago on October 24th. The lady went in shock, and never knew why they had left, but that now they're in a better place.

The End

Nikki Jacques
Grade 7

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