Some people think that our school is haunted. Do you think it is? Our school is close to a graveyard... very close. There are things that happened in this school that we don't know about.

I heard that a dead man walks around in here and one of my culture teachers saw him walk down the hall late at night and the creepy dead man took a step around the corner and he ... or it disappeared!!! The teacher looked all over the school and he thought it was the janitor but it wasn't him, it must have been a ghost!!!

Nobody knows who the ghost was, but all we know is that it is a spirit wandering around the Alaqsite'w Gitpu school at night could be, no one knows or believes our culture teacher, I wonder if there is more than one ghost? If there is, that's freaky stuff.

I wonder if houses close to the graveyard are haunted too? I have a friend that lives close and when he woke up he saw a horse in the corner of his room and his mom told him that she saw something and his sister went in their mom's room.

Back with the school, I wonder if the old man wants everything in the school. If he does I hope he gets it and lives. What if he wants to kill someone or something, I hope he gets what he wants because I go to school there. They should bless our school because I don't think that now teachers want to work late, if I was a worker then I wouldn't work late.

I think that he only walks sometimes but why would the ghost turn on the light I don't get it. Do you? If I was a ghost I would make sure no one would see me and I won't turn on the light.

The End

Daniel Mitchell
Grade 7

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