A Janitor's Night

It was long ago when I could remember, I was going to a junior school dance with my friends Carley, Coral, Joshua, Mark and Corey, we all went to Coral's house to get ready when Joshua and Coral mentioned something about the janitor down the hall from home room.

I didn't think nothing because in those days people just said things to scare people, I didn't beleive it because I was never that type to beleive things until I saw it with my own eyes.

It was until that night, I had a date with Corey but I had a crush on Mark, we were dancing and I wasn't feeling so good, I told Corey and Coral that I would take a step outside of the gym.

As I was walking in the halls I noticed a green light in the janitor's room, I went to go get Corey and the rest of the gang we were with that night, I told them about it but they didn't believe it so I said look there goes that green again.

Carley ran up to the door and looked inside, there was no one, Joshua noticed that there was punch in the sink and that it looked like the type of punch people were drinking at the dance.

The janitor, Mr. Boogies, asked what we were doing in his room, then he asked if we would like a drink of his punch that he made, Carley stood up and said I'll try it first, I hesitated and said Carley you shouldn't drink that you never know what that hairy janitor beast put in there!!!!!!!!!!!

It was exactly 11:00 p.m., the janitor started transforming into some kind of beast, I took a closer look to find out what was happening when he bit me, Mark grabbed me and started to run as I was running I started to get weak, weaker and weaker by the minute.

Next thing you know I turned into a wolf, I had big claws and pointy teeth, Joshua tried to find a cure but the only was to beat the janitor to kill him.

Corey knew that there was only one way to do this all, he told the gang what they must find: first was cold water next was blood and then finally it came to when they had to dig up someone else's grave maching the janitor's last name.

They gathered up all the stuff, took me and the janitor to the grave yard and started covering me in blood and they dug up the grave, but the only thing was how were they gonna kill Mr. Boogies.

10 minutes later wondering how they were going to kill him they found a solution, first they would push him into the coffin, shut it and then spray the coffin with cold water so the curse would hold him in.

The only thing was is that they would have to avoid me until he died but it was not long after when he died.

The End

Natalia Caplin
Grade 8

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