The Night by Alder Street

It was Halloween night, Brandy, Randy & Michael getting ready to go trick or treating. When they were almost to Alder Street Brandy, said "look over there!", something is coming up from the swamp. The thing looked straight at them, so they started to run as fast as they could. When Brandy & Michael looked back, it was still coming after them. They ran to Brandy's grandmother's house on Caplin Road. Brandy knew that her grandmother knew a lot of the legends of Listuguj.

When they arrived there, they were so tired and could say anything at first. Her grandmother was just standing there looking at them, before she could ask what was wrong, Brandy yelled to her what is that thing chasing us? She said what do you mean dear? It's that man coming from the bushes on Alder Street. She told them that a long time ago before our people settled here as a reserve, someone died in the swamp. She told them that the swamp was filled in for the new houses, which it is known to us as Alder Street. She told them "never go there at night alone!" "why?" as they asked together. Then she told them of the legend. As she had known for many years of this, she explained. As I said before a man was killed in that swamp area. And every time anyone walked by that area after dark they would see this man coming from the swamp. It scared a lot of my friends for many years. One day some of the elders had asked the priest to bless that area. She said as to how true this legend is as it has been passed down for many years. She sent them off to finish trick or treating and not to worry about the ghost.

All the girls could think about was what she said and kept looking behind them. Just as they thought it was over the ghost reappeared. So they started to run and before they arrived to the church the ghost went in a different direction. They were so scared so they made a promise to each other that they would never go up that way at dusk nor night time.

Randy told them that morning, it was still early and "I looked out the window and saw children dressed in black & white skipping to John Mitchell's front door step. They raced over to Mr. John Mitchell's house. When they walked in, they found him dead in his rocking chair. Brandy said he must have died of a stroke she knew this for a fact because her dad is a doctor. But what they didn't understand is that he was in perfectly good health. These are just a couple legends of Listuguj.

Sarah Vicaire
Grade 7

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