The Headless Pirate

A long time ago, pirates used to cross our river, but on one cold dark and scary night, a ship of pirates buried a treasure in Restigouche and they did not want any one to find it, so they sacrificed one of the pirates and swiftly cut his head off! They told him, guard yee treasure or forever be gone. Now legend is told that however, whoever tries to find the treasure, the pirate will find the person, and will not give up, and when he does, they will pay dearly.

*      *      *

Henry and Jade were best friends, but they did have their differences, while Henry was adventurous, Jade was quiet and loves to read. One day, when Jade was at the library, she found a very odd book, Jade also liked unique books, Jade forced Henry to come to the library with her and they found a page where it told of a legend of a pirate's treasure "Kool" Henry shouted, unfortunately Henry forgot it was a library and Henry got kicked out for the day, since Jade was such a great friend, she came with Henry, but she did not forget the strange book.... Henry talked about the treasure all day and told Jade how much he wanted the treasure and all of a sudden, Henry had an idea! He and Jade could sneak out at night and find the treasure! That night, they quietly sneaked outside of their homes and then started searching for the treasure, they dug for hours and no luck, Jade brought "her" book just in case it told anything else about the treasure, but when she got to p.78, it said

Treasure of Restigouche
Treasure of great gold lies in the hands of a pirate, a headless one to be exact, SO BEWARE!

"Blaa, blaa, blaa," Henry exclaimed, "no Henry," Jade said worriedly. It says that there is a headless pirate who guards yee treasure, so that must mean that he is going to get us!! I don't believe in ghosts and all that junk, we're fine! Jade turned pale, she said, "read this it says we will pay dearly, what does that mean!" Henry ignored Jade's facts and kept on searching, later on, about thirty minutes later, they slept at Henry's house and told spooky stories to each other and finally went to bed. Henry had a bunk bed and his room was on the top floor, of his house, so if ever there was a pirate he would not bother him. But there was a window beside him so he slept on the top bunk ..........

*      *      *

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, Henry heard. Sounds of footsteps filled his ears, his name was being called constantly Henry!!! Jade was fast asleep so it could not be her. Henry grabbed Jade's book and read it. It said who yee stole yee treasury shall be haunted with the pirate's spirit, Henry was so scared he could hardly sleep, and his telephone rang! "Hello" Henry said, you shall pay dearly for what yee have done. What do you mean..... then no one was there, Henry took out the telephone wire and the phone kept on ringing.....

*      *      *

The next day, Henry told his family and Jade what had happened but as usual they did not believe him. "I thought you didn't believe in that ghost junk" Jade shouted. "Besides, I have to bring back that book, can you do it for me, I have piano lessons in another hour. Henry agreed and got dressed. He looked at himself in the mirror complementing his looks, and a headless pirate came in the mirror, Henry screamed and ran to the kitchen. "I will get thee" A last shout shouted. Henry took the book and ran to the library.

While running to the library, the sky turned black, and a man came along, he did not have a head, thoughts raced through Henry's head, could this be the headless pirate? Give me thee treasure! This strange headless man explained. Henry found a beautiful treasure in front of him. Henry tossed the heavy chest to the man. and he faded away. Henry quickly dropped off the book and did not say a word to his friends or relatives. But fortunately the headless pirate did not bother him anymore ever again.

Jennie Engleheart
Grade 7

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