Halloween Lady

On a clear Halloween night at 12:00 a.m. I heard something crack outside and I got up and looked. It was a girl. She waved at me, and she had a rope around her neck. Then she jumped and hanged herself and when I went out to look she was gone.

A year passed. At 12:00 a.m. at night on Halloween I heard my front door slammed and heard something walking down my basement stairs. So I went to check what it was. I was going down the stairs and I got down stairs in my basement. Then I saw a shadow go by me right fast so I went to check where it was. I went around the corner and there she was, that girl that I saw last Halloween hanging from that tree. But this time she was hanging in my basement.

I got freaked out and ran upstairs and got my mom to go look and when we got to the basement, she was gone. And just at that moment we heard the front door slammed shut. Then we looked up the basement window and we seen a girl in a white dress running. Then when she hit the road she disappeared.

The End

Claude Maloney
Indian Brook
Grade 7

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